NYC Goth Festival A Murder Of Crows Begins Tomorrow


Darkness gathers in NYC, as the two day long Murder of Crows goth festival returns tomorrow, September 15th and Sunday, September 16th at Brooklyn Bazaar in Brooklyn.

The lineup this year is impressive, with Saturday’s roster including: Ritual Howls, The Last Cry, The Rope, Cemetery, and Astari Nite. Sunday’s lineup is: ACTORS, VOWWS, Azar Swan, Bootblacks, and Way Out.

For those unfamiliar, you can listen to a Spotify playlist featuring each and every one of these artists below:


Otherwise, breaking from our usual format, we’ve decided to let Sean Templar, one of the masterminds behind the festival, tell us everything there is to know about this year’s event:

Here we are so very close to THE weekend. Why am I placing such an emphasis on this one weekend in particular? Well, you see, myself and some friends have decided to throw a very large event and invite a lot of talented artists to come and perform at it. Funny thing is, they all said yes and thusly, the fourth A Murder of Crows Festival was a go.


The New York scene has always been somewhat complicated. The city is a hard place to live, let alone start a band or an event. The alternative scene loves to hobble itself, to eat itself, yet it still always finds a way to move forward despite itself. I think that is the stubborn resolve of the New York scene and why it is so important to start something like A Murder of Crows to New York. When I started The Red Party all those years ago, we had no idea that an all goth club would actually swim on its own, and although that sounds silly now, that was how the scene was back then. Again it is that stubborn resolve that pushed the goth scene forward and here I am at this very moment writing this nonsensical piece and designing the October Red Party flyer (with The Brickbats, btw). I guess what I am trying to get at is that it is imperative to entreat and bring new artists and people together in order for our culture to grow outward.


In regards to the DJs, where do I even start? I’ll start with our elder statesman from the U.K., the immortal Martin Oldgoth; from California, the coolest bat ever, Dave Bats from Release the Bats; New York’s king of the scene, Patrick; and some guy named Sean Templar.

We are all spinning on Saturday at New York’s farewell party for Release the Bats. On Sunday, we have great friends of mine spinning at Forever Young, our totally Eighties party with Aengel from Necro, V-Christ from Underworld, Jet from VampireFreaks and Ash from QXT’s. We also have Frankie Teardrop who will be spinning at our Dark Market!  It would be great to see everyone show up and support.


Fingers crossed—I hope this all works out.