About Us

Goth Accessories Store is a Ecom Affiliate Store build and maintained by JoanneSmithMarketing.com. It  has been built especially for buyers to choose from a wide range of Goth related products from the Top 3 biggest eCommerce providers from Ebay, Amazon and Aliexpress for the best price.

We have installed on our website a special plugin that pulls in the data from these top 3 eCom stores so that the buyers will get the very best shopping experience by being able to immediately compare prices from all 3 and then be able to buy from either at a click of a button.


Search our store products and then Click ‘ Buy now ‘ and you will be taken to the LIVE store to order and pay for that product. We do not handle the orders direct.

Depending on what product you choose from either Amazon, Ebay or Alliexpress, they will handle the payment and then send the product straight to your door and GothAccessoriesStore.com will receive a small % commission in return.

Good Luck Shopping!

JJ Smith